Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3/17 Fixing Leaks in Salem.

Today we fixed a few storm related, leaky windows in Salem.

We also fixed a few down spouts that blew off.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16 Step Flashed & Repaired Chimney in Salem.

After 10 inches of rain the past 4 days we received a few calls about leaks. Today we re-flashed $ repaired a cracked chimney in Salem. The water was leaking in the cracks on the chimney and making it all the way down to the living room. Another leak stopped!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/10 More Storm Shingle & Cap Repairs on Beacon Heights Ln in Marblehead

This was just a simple shingle repair. The 75 MPH winds of the storm ripped a few tabs off. Went up on the roof, removed the broken shingles and replaced them.

3/10 Replaced & Waterproofed Shower Door on Commercial St. in Marblehead

3/10 Storm Roof Repairs & Replaced Large Rubber Roof on Bayview St, Marblehead

We replaced some shingles on one side and totally replaced the large rubber roof on the other. The Rubber roof area was very soft and we knew we were going to have some rot, but we were shocked at how much was actually there! We ripped out all the sheathing, replaced it and finished it off with a perfect rubber roof.

2/10 Big Storm Hit Marblehead and this boat washed up on Salem Harbor.

This was a powerful storm. With winds up to 80 MPH, it knocked a lot of trees over and set a few boats off their moorings. This boat hung out here for a few days before the owner took it home.

1/10 Gutted, Removed Mold & Remodled Bathroom on the Neck, Marblehead

On this job we were hired to gut a basement level bathroom, drywall and paint and be done. Sometimes jobs aren't that easy. When we gutted the bathroom, we found a large and unsettling amount of black mold. We informed the homeowner and she decided it was best to remove it. We took care of it, no problem.

12/09 Glazed, Primed & Painted 80 Windows on Peaches Point, Marblehead

A very cool seal hanging out on Grace Oliver's beach.

12/09 Replacing 10X10 Support Beams on Mailbox Units. Salem

These beams that were to become the main supports for the mailbox "house" came in 2 inches too big on one side. We had to remove the 2 inches to make it fit. We first scored it with a circular saw, then made relief cuts all the way down and finished the cut with a chain saw. Manly.

11/09 Replaced Sliding Door, Salem

11/09 Removed Bathroom, Added Support Beams & Remodeled Room on Farrell Ct., Marblehead

On this job we were hired to demo a bathroom, rip down a few walls and add support beams to make a apartment/bathroom into a big common room. To finish it off, we dry walled everything. We also removed a door and framed it in for a window.

11/09 Re-shingle & New Rubber Roof on Jersey St, Marblehead

10/09 Re-shingle Roof on Hooper St, Marblehead

Just a simple Re-shingle job on a very small house. We replaced some rotten boards. The pitch on this roof was ridiculous.

9/09 ~ Reshingle Roof & Insulate Attic on Green St, Marblehead

We Were Hired To Re-shingle roof . Blow in insulation in Customers attic.