Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/23/10 Stripping Shingles & Rake Added On Front Of House. Autumn St., Lynn

Today, we spent the first half of the day stripping all the old shingles off of the rest of the roof. The boards on this side were in much better condition than the other, so we didn't have to replace many. Here's Pig Pen & Bill finishing up.
The carnage.
Any time we strip a roof, we take time to make sure all things in the area are properly protected and covered. We laid tarps out and covered the neighbors cars with tarps, drop cloths and 4x8 sheets of plywood.

Here we are putting up some 2x4 supports so we can put on the rake.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/21/10 - 9/22/10 Finished The Roof On One Side, Flashed The Chimney & Added Some Soffit. Autumn St., Lynn

Bill stripped the trim off of the little roof out front, replaced some boards, added ice & water shield and now it's ready for shingles.
We staged the other side of the house. So now we have to take off the gutter and rip off all the trim up top.
Here's the soffit we put on today.
And some rake we installed.
We started to flash the chimney.
The finished side of the roof.
Tomorrow we are going to remove all the shingles from the other side, rip off all the trim and start rebuilding!

Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 Stripped Some More Roof & Replaced Some More Trim - Autumn St., Lynn

We started the day by taking the tarps off the roof and stripping the rest of the shingles off the side of the house we have staged.
We set up this amazing 1960's electric ladder so we can easily bring up the bundles of shingles to the roof.
Here's Bill stripping off some shingles.
Here's Drew aka Pig Pen cleaning up the chimney.
At the end of the day after replacing the old, rotting boards on the roof, we covered the exposed roof so no moisture can get in.

Friday, September 17, 2010

9/8/10 - 9/16/10 New Roof, New Trim & 2 New Decks on Autumn St., Lynn Ma.

We were hired to remove and replace all the rotten the rotten trim, remove 3 layers of old roof shingles and re-roof..well, the roof and then remove and re-build 2 decks in the back of the house. aka a BIG job! We're replacing all the rotting trim with the composite material that will never rot. Sharp as heck, but well worth it.
Here's Drew, aka Pig Pen, securing all the pics and ladders to the top of the van.

The first view of the roof.
The decks that we have to replace.
Drew removing trim from the front of the house.

Drew, 40+ feet up removing trim. His knees were knocking.

8/10 - Removed & Replaced Lots of Rotting Trim On Lehman Rd, Marblehead, Ma.

We were hired to remove and replace all the rotting trim on a house on Lehman Rd. in Marblehead, Ma. We stripped all the rotting trim off and replaced it with a plastic composite material that cuts and looks just like wood, but it's forever and will never rot! Amazing stuff!

Summer 2010 - Removed & Replaced Rotting Trim & stripped part of the roof on Washington St. Marblehead, Ma

We were hired to remove & replace a lot of rotting trim, strip a roof and replace the rotting boards with plywood. We were pretty high up, so as always, we wore harnesses secured to the peak of the roof.

Summer 2010 - Replaced a Bay Window on Pitman St. Marblehead, MA

We simply removed the rotting bay window and replaced it with a nice, new one. Very simple, very easy!

Summer 2010 - Replaced Exterior Porch - Washington St. Marblehead, Ma

We were hired to rip down and re-build an exterior porch on Washington St. in Marblehead, Ma.

Summer 2010 - Kitchen Remodel, Hanover Ct. Marblehead, Ma

We spent a few weeks in July completely gutting and remodeling a kitchen in old town. New drywall, new appliances, we raised and installed the ceiling & installed new, custom cabinets. It came out amazing!

Summer 2010 - Replaced 2 Decks - Ocean St. Salem, Ma.

We replaced 2 rotting decks on Ocean St. in Salem Ma. We replaced all decking with composite. It came out beautiful!

Summer 2010 - Ocean Ave in Marblehead. Worth a look!!

This was a fun job! In a nutshell we made 2 rooms one (kitchen & living room) Ripped down a wall, remodeled the kitchen, installed a gas fire place, designed, built & installed a built in entertainment center/book case, added 2 sky lights, added picture frame molding around the kitchen and using the old cabinets, designed a built a island for the kitchen!
Cuts for the new beam to support the ceiling and above floor where the old wall was.
The ceiling before the skylights
The ceiling after the skylights!
The picture frame molding around the kitchen.

The Entertainment Center & Gas Fireplace- Start to finish!

The Kitchen Area
The Kitchen Area Complete!