Friday, September 17, 2010

9/8/10 - 9/16/10 New Roof, New Trim & 2 New Decks on Autumn St., Lynn Ma.

We were hired to remove and replace all the rotten the rotten trim, remove 3 layers of old roof shingles and re-roof..well, the roof and then remove and re-build 2 decks in the back of the house. aka a BIG job! We're replacing all the rotting trim with the composite material that will never rot. Sharp as heck, but well worth it.
Here's Drew, aka Pig Pen, securing all the pics and ladders to the top of the van.

The first view of the roof.
The decks that we have to replace.
Drew removing trim from the front of the house.

Drew, 40+ feet up removing trim. His knees were knocking.

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  1. Whose knees wouldn't quiver if he or she stands on a 40+ ft. ladder?! Good thing he's an expert and was safe back then. I can't see if he wore safety gear, though. He probably did!

    -William Gulliver